They Wanna See You Care About Something

Technology continues to change the way we buy. Not only can we hop online and shop, or scroll Instagram and click a post to shop; but there is also so much more transparency as to who is behind these businesses and what they care about.  

We no longer spend with the first company we see on a billboard or in a magazine; we stay loyal to whoever we feel gets it. There's a microphone in front of everyone's face about their stance towards everything from the environment to the importance of Black lives. And when companies show that they do not care about what's important to us, or that they are indifferent, we exercise the right to take our business elsewhere.  

In my years as a social media strategist, I’ve seen companies hesitant to jump into social media marketing to create content and engage audiences because they were afraid that people might express something bad about them, drag them, or cancel them. And every single time, I’ve had to express that that fear is a bigger sign that they’re not doing something right. With more transparency comes more opportunity to let people in on who you are and what your business is about.

As business owners, what do you stand for? What matters to you? What is the vision and mission of your brand? Do more than just sell a product or service via social media, sell your vision. Show how your business gives back. Show how you are actively working towards that mission statement that sounds good on the front page of your website. You may be surprised at how much your digital community will grow when you’re more vocal about your ‘why.’ And if you lose people, that’s fine —you want your community to be on the same wavelength as you. That’s how real loyalty is developed.