black excellency, baby let ‘em see.

If I like something, Im going to try my hand at it. If I care about something, Im going to build a community around it. These are my passion projects:



Carlie's Couch is a podcast about life! Passion, purpose, art, business, love, friendships, traveling, family, self-love, growth, entrepreneurship, and everything in between…. Espeeeeecially the stuff people don’t usually like to open up about. Join us on Carlie’s Couch for practical steps, amazing guests, and life experiences along the journey. Create the life you want to live - whatever that looks like for you!




As a business owner, people are always asking me questions and wanting to run ideas by me- so I decided to start the Success Squad. The purpose of the site will be to provide insight about the obstacles we face, and to identify & implement our passions in a way that makes work feel less like work. Think of it as an online mastermind group where you can watch videos and converse about such topic with other members. There will also be featured members and a monthly book for the squad to read. I’m still working on the site but will be sharing soon!

Coming Soon.

I’m teaming up with Briana Clearly to launch an online community for women of color in film. This is more than showcasing actresses of color. Our goal is to create an extensive network of women behind the camera as well, who are looking for the resources, funding, and connections to get their projects off the ground and in front of audiences. More coming soon!


Writing & Research

I am working on research as well. Not the social science work I did on TANS & virtual organizations in grad school; but on something that I'm very passionate about -how Black culture pushes economies around the world.  My goal is to quantitatively code a set of hip hop lyrics to create an attribution model that coincides with brand sales. Basically, I'm exploring if (how much) a brand mention in a hip hop song affects brand sales. 

Keep it real, you didn't even know that Gucci MADE flip flops until Future rapped about it. I just want to see us get the credit (and the money) that we deserve. You can follow my research here

Melanin book

I’m also a contributor for the book, YANCY presents… Melanin, an anthology for women, made by women. I worked on this project, alongside thirty (30) other amazingly-talented women based across the world!

The project includes articles, essays, fiction, poetry, photography, illustrations, games, and activities.

Support our work, buy a copy, & share the experience of multiple millennial women. Stories of love, passion, heartbreak, disappointment, triumph and how life transforms us into beautiful and radiant beings.



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