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In 2012 I founded Capitalize Social. It started out as me freelancing as a grad student, became a company when I couldn't find a 'real' job upon graduating, and has since grown to become a full service consultancy providing social media strategy, execution, creative studio, speaking and training for brands both large & small. I love consulting because I love connecting dots, finding solutions, and seeing others be successful. I'm always looking for new clients, partnerships, & speaking opportunities. You can learn more about my company here.

More recently, I became a managing partner and the Director of Social Media Strategy for SwayBrand, a tech startup based in Chicago, IL. SwayBrand is a platform that connects influencers with brands in order to create authentic content. I'm such a fan of this new hustle because it focuses on diversity and forces brands to recognize that we drive the culture, and in turn the economy. You can learn more about SwayBrand (and sign up) here. 


I love building and networking. If you're real, connect with me on LinkedIn & let's make some magic (and money). 




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