We Can Do What We Like... & We Can Monetize It

We connect with each other most effectively through our stories and experiences; so I love every opportunity to tell my story and connect with other like-minded creatives who are building something of their own!

I appreciate Khaleel, Maleek, and Najm Loyd for reaching out to highlight my work and journey for episode 2 of their new web series, New Age Creatives. They asked some thoughtful questions, and I spoke on what it’s like to run a business, how my business has evolved over the years, the importance of authenticity, and what advice I’d give to my younger self.

Here are some of the keys:

  1. Messaging isn’t just about what comes out of your mouth, but how people understand it

  2. You have to get into a space where failure is just part of the process… it’s part of the deal

  3. When you really go hard with something, you always get good results. Even if it’s not immediately

  4. Network more. Get out of your bubble

You can watch the 5 minute episode below; and don’t forget to share and comment!

In this episode, we sit down with Alexia Clincy, a creative content strategist and entrepreneur. We talk about growing as an entrepreneur, finding authenticity, advice to her younger self, and more! Alexia is the Founder and Executive Director of Capitalize Social, a creative content studio that helps companies maximize their brand awareness and engagement.